Travel Ideas

To make me delighted and more relax during our journey, if we can...


seek some beautiful things in shops together

go to amazing wellness enjoying together

adventure the holy natures 

watch some impressive films in a home cinema

tired of being always on the way? Let’s listen to some favourite albums together with high quality music players at home

respect my private time(if you just come in without letting me know when I’m changing clothes/in a bathroom will it give me a frighten)

let me know when you‘d like more alone time/work, I will never disturb 

and bring me to meetings, I’ll feel proud of you besides me and you’ll feel the same



What we can do in Berlin

We can definitely discover some amazing cuisine

Shopping is cheerful, isn’t it? Ku’damm and Kadewe is just amazing 

More experiences 


Enjoying amazing shows at the best position


An entire countryside house will be our wonderland 

Or we just catch the wind, discover the city if you’re new here 

Creating our own fragrance in some studio 

Flying with a local pilot

Shooting(reservations needed)

intimate time in the darkness in a forest

Let me take some awesome photos of you

Or we drive to some places nearby :)